Building SharePoint 2013 Development Environment (3/4)

Refer to the 2 previous post about Building SharePoint 2013 Development Environment (1/4) and Building SharePoint 2013 Development Environment (2/4) I’ll continue blogging for the next step.

This step is to install SharePoint prerequisite, SharePoint binary file and run SharePoint configuration wizard to make the SharePoint running.

For some who experienced with SharePoint 2010 installation process. This step will be similar with the previous version but it requires additional prerequisite software according to new feature that related with “SharePoint App” development and cloud service.

 First of all, I downloaded the following SharePoint prerequisite software listed below.

Microsoft also provide PowerShell script for download and install SharePoint 2013 prerequisite on Windows Server 2012 just download the PowerShell script and run them on the server.
After installed all prerequisite software then run the SharePoint preparation tool. The server is required to be restarted one time after that you run SharePoint installation without run the preparation tool again.
You can find The steps of SharePoint 2013 binary installation then make sure you’ve checked the run SharePoint configuration wizard on the last step.
After the SharePoint configuration wizard was completed. It’ll open the SharePoint central administration page. you can continue to create a new web application and start playing around with the new feature of the SharePoint 2013.

Let’s see the next post about the last step of SharePoint 2013 development environment set up.